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Are cracked tires still good?

Tire cracking over time is normal, and it's a sign that your tires have done their duty and now you need to replace the tires to keep your vehicle safe. If your tire cracking exposes any belting, be sure to bring it in for an inspection immediately.

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Keeping this in consideration, are cracked tires bad?

All tires develop tread and sidewall cracks over time. Just like us, it's a normal sign of aging. Stay away from silicone petroleum-based tire cleaners and protectants because they actually accelerate the tire cracking process and void your tire's warranty.

One may also ask, do cracked Tyres need replacing? You can see damage to the tyre: Small cracks visible in the sidewall of the tyre – a phenomenon known as 'crazing' – are a sign that your tyres need replacing, as damage to this area could result in tyre failure. Tyres with damage of this type will need to be replaced, even if there is life left in the tread.

Herein, when should a cracked tire be replaced?

Even if there are no signs of rot, the industry standard is to swap out tires before they hit 10 years old, and some tire companies recommend replacement as early as six years after manufacture.

Are small cracks in tires safe?

These small cracks typically develop in the sidewalls or at the base of the tread grooves. Depending on their severity, they may be cosmetic in nature if they don't extend past the rubber's outer surface, or may be a reason to replace the tire if they reach deep into the rubber.

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