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Can electrical wire run next to gas line?

No one is allowing an energized wire to be in contact with a gas line - that is why the wiring has insulation around the conductors and is either in a sheath (such as NM cable) or in a raceway (single wiring such as TW, THW, THHN/THWN, etc.).

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Herein, how close can a gas line be to an electrical panel?

3 feet

Also, can I run electrical and gas in the same trench? Natural gas and electric are run in the same trench all the time by utilities, and in some cases there isn't even any significant separation.

In respect to this, can you run plumbing and electrical through the same hole?

Plumbing and electrical in the same wall cavity are fine, even if they do touch. Remember, all electrical is insulated. Bare ground wires are OK too.

What is nm b wire?

NMB stands for Non-Metallic because it has a PVC jacket instead of a metal clad jacket. It is a basic indoor electrical wire used to deliver power from an electrical box to lights, outlets and appliances.

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