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Can you cut back catmint in the summer?

Snip off the top one-half to two-thirds of the catmint's stems, using pruning shears, in midsummer after the plant has finished blooming and when it has recently been watered. Leave the faded flowering shoots on the plants after they finish blooming for the second time in late summer or early fall.

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In respect to this, when should catmint be cut back?

Prune catmint during or after flowering also to encourage new growth and possibly a second round of flowers. When it flowers in the spring and early summer, individually prune spent flowers to the ground, or cut the entire plant back by one-half to two-thirds after it is finished flowers. Discard the trimmings.

Additionally, do you cut back nepeta? Cut nepeta with a pair of pruning shears after the flowers fade in late spring or early summer. Trim the entire plant back by half. This type of pruning encourages nepeta to use its energy to produce a second round of blooms in late summer or early fall rather than to produce seed.

Also Know, how do you maintain a catmint plant?

Spread compost around the base of plants in spring and mulch with bark to help keep weeds away and the soil consistently moist. Catmint can be kept in almost continual bloom from late spring to fall if you aggressively deadhead flowers and cut the plant back by two-thirds after each flush of blooms.

Should catmint be deadheaded?

x Faassenii are sterile and do not need to be deadheaded to prevent self-sowing.

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