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Can you rent a house with a pool?

If you rent out a property with a swimming pool, add a swimming pool addendum to the lease agreement. They are using the pool premises at their own risk, and you (the landlord) cannot be held responsible for injuries sustained by tenants, guests, or occupants of the property.

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Regarding this, does renters insurance cover a pool?

Coverage for a Pool A typical renters' insurance policy will not protect against injuries or losses that result from an above ground pool. However, in most cases, you can purchase additional coverage that will provide you with protection.

Beside above, can my landlord tell me I can't have a pool? You would need to have an attorney review your lease. Most leases prohibit the tenant from installing "fixtures" to the rented property without the landlord's permission. A swimming pool can be considered such a fixture and a landlord may be within her rights to prohibit the installation.

In this manner, how much is it to rent out a pool?

Rental is $60 per weekday hour and $90 per hour on weekends. A maximum of eight people can rent the 45 by 15-foot heated, saltwater infinity horizon pool shown below in Miami, Florida. Hourly rental rates are $150 weekdays and $200 on weekends.

Who pays for pool maintenance?

Generally, it is recommended that the owner pay for a monthly pool service and the tenants pay for the chemicals required. This ensures that the maintenance on the pool is being carried out correctly and the correct chemicals and quantities are being put in the pool when required.

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