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Does crossbow herbicide kill grass?

About Crossbow Weed Killer
Crossbow weed killer is an herbicide that specifically targets woody plants such as blackberry bushes, poison oak, and broad leaf plants. Crossbow is especially effective on rapid-growing invasive plants because it prevents their spreading but does not kill all the surround grass.

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Considering this, can Crossbow be used on lawns?

Eliminating weeds in the lawn and pesky "volunteer" plants along fence rows or in other parts of your otherwise tidy yard can be a full-time job. Crossbow weed killer is a low-toxicity herbicide that can kill weeds in the yard and will not harm most turfgrass species.

does crossbow herbicide kill trees? Answer: Crossbow Herbicide is labeled for the control of most kinds of unwanted trees. For larger or established trees, cutting the tree and making a stump application will be the best way to treat.

Besides, will remedy herbicide kill grass?

Controlling for more than 35 different species of brush weeds, Remedy Ultra Herbicide works great on established grass, destroying the weeds while improving the growth of the grass, so long as it is properly watered. Do not apply more than 1/2 gallons per acre during a growing season on areas where animals graze.

Will a crossbow kill crabgrass?

Answer: Crossbow Herbicide is not labeled to treat for Crabgrass. We recommend to use Drive XLR8 as long as your turf grass is tolerant to the product.

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