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How did feudalism fail in China?

The Breakdown of the Government System
For over 300 years, feudalism kept China stable, but due to the increasing power of the lords, the system broke down. As the king sold more and more of his land, lords became more and more powerful and wealthy.

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Then, why did feudalism end in China?

The End of Feudalism in China Chinese feudalism ended when the Qin dynasty was started because a more centralized system, called the System of Prefectures and Counties, was established in its place. It was necessary because the Zhou Dynasty had grown weak and the authority in place was often ignored.

Additionally, how did feudalism work in ancient China? In the case of ancient China, that society followed a hierarchy called feudalism. Feudalism means that most of the population of commoners had little money and opportunity, while nobles and emperors got to rule over everyone.

In this way, when did feudalism end in China?

127 B.C.

How did Shi Huangdi break the feudal system?

Shi Huangdi ruled using Legalism, a form of government that gave all power to one leader. He broke down the feudal system by taking land away from nobles and gave it to peasants who paid taxes directly to his government.

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