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How do I get a food handlers card in Arizona?

Food handlers in Maricopa County, Arizona are required to obtain a Food Handler Card within 30 days of beginning of employment and renew every 3 years. To get the card, you must first complete a food service worker training program from an ANSI-approved provider.

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Also asked, how much does it cost to get your food handlers card in Arizona?

$7.99 Arizona Food Handlers Card | eFoodcard.

Furthermore, can you take your food handlers test online? Take the online course to quickly and conveniently get your food handlers permit online. Once you pass the exam that follows the 2- to 3-hour training course, you can immediately print out your permit and be good to go. Sign up for all the training and knowledge you need to become certified.

Herein, how do I get a food handlers card?

Food Handler Cards must be issued by an ANSI-approved training provider. This card is valid throughout California, except for Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego Counties.

  1. Register for online training.
  2. Complete the training and pass the 40-question test.
  3. Download and print your Food Handlers Card!

How long does a food handlers card last in Arizona?

3 years

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