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How do you care for a paniculata hydrangea?

Grow Hydrangea paniculata in medium-moisture, well-drained soil that is rich in organic material. Choose a full-sun to part-shade location. This plant can be trained as a small tree by judicious pruning but achieves its best form if grown as a large shrub with multiple stems.

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Besides, how do you look after Hydrangea paniculata?

General Hydrangea Care

  1. If you plant them in the summer, they need a lot more water in the beginning to establish the root system.
  2. Most varieties thrive in full sun to part shade, as long as they are planted in moist, rich soil.
  3. Water deeply once a week, and maybe more, if the weather is particularly hot or dry.

Beside above, when should I prune Hydrangea paniculata? Hydrangea paniculata, sometimes called Hardy Hydrangea, also blooms on new wood. You should prune it back in late winter or early spring. You can cut it back to the ground or, if you want slightly taller plants, cut it back to one to three feet.

Keeping this in consideration, how do you take care of a hydrangea tree?

General Care If grown in full sun, the hydrangea tree requires consistently moist soil to avoid wilting. Feed the hydrangea tree twice a year. The best time to fertilize is in early spring, just before the plant produces new growth, so plan on feeding the tree immediately after the spring pruning.

Should I deadhead Hydrangea paniculata?

Removing Spent Blooms on Hydrangea You should carry out this practice all through the blooming season to encourage new blossoms and keep your plant looking fresh. The method for deadheading hydrangea blooms depends upon the time of year. If it's before August, you should cut the spent blooms with a long stem attached.

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