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How do you cover nails on stairs?

Here is a quick look at how you can easily fill any nail holes left after your stair tread installation. By using a filler stick you can easily cover nail holes! Simply fill in the nail hole using a filler stick then wipe away the excess wax. Repeat until nail hole is no longer visible.

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Then, how do you nail down stair treads?

Nail the risers into the pieces of framing beneath them called stringers. You'll find a 2x stringer against the wall on each side of the stairs and one down the middle. Nail two 8d flooring nails into each stringer and drive them below the surface with a nail set. Begin with treads that have one rounded edge.

Beside above, how do you stop stairs from creaking above? The simplest way to fix squeaky stairs from above is to start with talcum powder or powdered graphite. Apply the powder along all joints of the squeaky stair tread, doing your best to work the powder into the seams between the treads and risers.

Similarly one may ask, should you nail or screw stair treads?

Don't fasten treads and or risers with only nails or staples. The adhesive is much more important than the fasteners. There will be times when fastening may be limited, so a good adhesive is critical. Don't use the stringer as a level for the treads.

How much should a stair tread overhang the riser?

Nosings, the overhanging portion, must be curved with a radius under 0.56 inches. If the risers are solid, the nosing must project between 0.75 and 1.25 inches, and must be uniform between two stories, with variations of less than 0.375 inches. This applies to nosings on treads and landings.

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