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How do you organize a tack trunk?

Tips on Tack Trunk Organization
  1. Designate specific portions of your trunk for certain things.
  2. Store seasonal equipment like blankets and fly sheets in alternate trunks or in storage containers at home to free up space.
  3. Use containers to organize trays.
  4. Go through your trunk every once in awhile.
  5. Once you have organized your trunk, stick to it.

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Considering this, what do you put in a tack trunk?

Pack a mane and tail detangler, a shine product, tack wipes, extra towels and washcloths, brushes, hoof picks, fly spray and fly wipes. If you put hoof polish and blacking in the trunk, pack it in a large freezer bag to protect your trunk in case it leaks.

Similarly, how do I make horse reins? Steps

  1. Cut 9 strands of paracord twice the length you want your reins to be.
  2. Arrange the cords side-by-side.
  3. Heat-seal the ends together with a lighter or heating tool.
  4. Clamp a large binder clip over the heat-sealed ends.
  5. Divide the cords into three groups.
  6. Braid the groups together.
  7. Clamp, cut, then burn the ends.

Similarly, you may ask, what is a tack box?

Tack Trunks are the perfect barn supply for all equestrians. Offering the most effective and stylish way to keep your tack and equipment clean and organized at the barn or at horse shows. SmartPak carries high quality deluxe wooden tack trunks, as well as popular brands like Phoenix West and Burlingham Sports.

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