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How do you turn on a Peet boot dryer?

Product Instructions
  1. Assemble the Original PEET Dryer base by sliding together the base plates. (The Multi PEET Dryer base does not require assembly).
  2. Secure the standard equipment Footwear DryPorts onto the PEET AirChamber tubes.
  3. Place your footwear upside down over the Footwear DryPorts.
  4. To turn on the PEET Dryer, simply plug it in.

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Similarly, how does a Peet boot dryer work?

It pulls room temperature air through the rear vents on the dryer. Then the low power, 18 watt heating element inside each tube warms the air which rises up to circulate through your footwear and dry the boots or shoes overnight.

Similarly, how do you use a shoe dryer? Insert the shoe dryer in your shoes. You can insert it facing down for some time and then insert it facing up, so the shoe is dried from all sides. Simply connect it to any 240V AC power socket and let the shoe dry, The Shoe Dryer Gadget has vents built in, So the heat comes out and dries the shoes in all directions.

Also, do boot dryers really work?

The short answer is yes. Boot dryers work very well. Some of them work differently than others, but the results are the same. They employ different technology, but they are each designed to accelerate the drying process of wet, shoes, sports equipment, and even garments.

What is a Peet dryer?

The PEET Dryer is a clever device designed to effectively remove wet, sweat and odor from footwear and gear, without deteriorating the materials and without using an excessive amount of energy.

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