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How many people die in Hawaii each year from drowning?

Mapping is not available for this location.
County Source Deaths per 100,000 population
Kauai Hawaii State Department of Health, Vital Statistics 2.2
Maui Hawaii State Department of Health, Vital Statistics 3.4
Hawaii Hawaii State Department of Health, Vital Statistics 4.6

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Also asked, how many tourists die in Hawaii each year?

Since July 2012, at least 147 visitors — nearly one a week on average — have died in Hawaii from injuries suffered while doing common tourist activities like swimming, snorkeling, hiking and going on scenic drives.

Also Know, how many people drown in Maui each year? With the new data, Maui now averages 12-25 drownings a year with 171 deaths categorized as an “underlying cause of death.” (see below). Of those deaths the study showed that 72% of ocean related deaths happened to visitors, with 72 of those deaths caused by drowning.

Likewise, what is the death rate in Hawaii?

Stats of the State of Hawaii

HI Leading Causes of Death, 2017 Deaths Rate***
1. Heart Disease 2,575 129.8
2. Cancer 2,456 128.6
3. Stroke 764 37.5
4. Flu/Pneumonia 637 29.6

Can you swim in the ocean in Hawaii?

Certain ocean conditions can make Hawaii's beaches hazardous for swimming — namely high surf, dangerous shorebreaks and strong currents. While Hawaii has one of the nation's best lifeguard systems, some remote beaches do not have lifeguard towers. It is not recommended to swim at a beach that has no lifeguard tower.

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