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How much alum do you use to dye?

Alum does not effect color. It is usually used with cream of tartar, which helps evenness and brightens slightly. Three ounces of alum and one of cream of tartar is a good start; if you have heavy wool, use four ounces of alum.

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Thereof, how do you dye alum?

Place the alum and cream of tartar in a cup, add some boiling water, and stir to dissolve. Add the alum and cream of tartar mixture to a dye pot full of enough water to cover your fiber, and stir. To the dye pot, add the previously soaked fiber you wish to mordant. Place your dye pot on a burner.

Likewise, how do you mordant fabric with alum? Soak your silk fiber in water for at least 1 hour. Put the alum and the cream of tartar in a cup, add some hot water, and stir to dissolve. Add the mordant mixture to a bucket of lukewarm water, and stir. Put the wetted silk fabric into the mordant bath, and gently move it around in the bath for a few minutes.

Considering this, how do you mordant?

The technique is simple: measure the mordant, dissolve in water, and add to a dye pot or bucket or tub filled with water. Add the fibers and hold them for a period of time, then remove and proceed to the dye bath.

Do you need to mordant silk?

Use 25% alum or 8% aluminium acetate per weight of dry silk. I prefer to use alum for pure silk and for wool/silk blends. However, for cotton/silk blends as well as hemp/silk blends, aluminium acetate is better. If you are dyeing the silk with woad or indigo, you do not need to mordant the silk first.

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