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How much current does a headlight draw?

110 watts divided by 12 volts gives you 9 amps. Toss in the high beam at 130 watts combined and you're sucking down about 11 amps. All four headlights on tip the scales at 20 amps.

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Also asked, how much current do LED headlights draw?

To put it in perspective, each headlight bulb draws about 6 or 7 Amps each. 8 amps is nothing.

Also, how much current does a car draw? Today's car takes about 2.5 amps for the injection pump, and just under 2 amps for the instrument panel. A gasoline car would probably have similar draws. If the cooling fan was needed, and electric cooling fan can draw from 10 to 25 amps, usually at the low end of that range.

Besides, how many amps does a motorcycle headlight draw?

Your average high beam (for a normal headlight) is 55 or 65 watts. In a 12 V circuit, that's less than 6 amps nominally. If you put in a 10 amp fuse, you should be ok. I have looked at some amperage vs wire diameter charts and 20 amps seems a bit too close to the 24 amp maximum for my comfort levels.

How many amps does a 12 volt 50 watt bulb draw?

a 12 volt 50 watt bulb, (call it 48) should pull about 4 amps from the transformer secondary.

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