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How much is a large Japanese maple worth?

Japanese Red Maple seedlings are a great plant to grow onto a larger size because they cost you so little upfront, usually only $1.50, and if you grow them on to a larger size they will quickly and easily fetch $50.00 to $90.00.

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In this manner, how much is a full grown Japanese maple tree worth?

A mature Japanese maple, for example, which could be small enough to be transplanted, can be worth $15,000.

Also Know, why are Japanese maples so expensive? Originally Answered: Why are Japanese maples significantly more expensive than other types of trees? The biggest factor is that most of them are grown as grafted plants. This adds significant cost to each one as seedlings are much cheaper to produce. That and yes they are slow growing.

Thereof, how much does a Japanese maple tree cost?

Price List for Japanese Maple Tree

Size Ships Price
1-2' 11/15/2018 - 04/01/2020 $9.95
2-3' 11/15/2019 - 04/01/2020 $16.95
3-4' 11/15/2019 - 04/01/2020 $24.95
4-5' 12/01/2018 - 04/01/2019 $44.95

How much does a dwarf Japanese maple cost?

For the first time ever we are able to offer a wide range of Japanese Weeping Maples, individually priced from $27.50 to $1,300.00. You can choose young ones, short ones, bent ones, straight and forked. There is something for everybody.

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