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How much was Billy the Kid worth?

The photo of the Kid discovered in 2015 has since been estimated to be worth $5 million. Experts believe a picture that shows the New Mexico outlaw with Garrett would be worth much more. However, Abrams isn't interested in finding out anytime soon.

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In this regard, how much did the Billy the Kid croquet photo sell for?

” He said the only known authenticated photo of Billy the Kid has “really strong provenance” and sold at auction for $2.3 million.

Beside above, how many photos of Billy the Kid exist? Not only was the croquet picture of the Kid valued for $5 million in 2015, only two pictures of the Kid were previously known to exist.

Furthermore, how much did Billy the Kid steal?

A tintype photograph bought for $10 at a flea market in North Carolina six years ago almost certainly includes Billy the Kid and the sheriff who shot him, Pat Garrett, two of the most famous Irish Americans of all time. A lawyer named Frank Abrams bought the tintype for $10 and hung it in a bedroom.

Who was the real Billy the Kid?

William Henry McCarty Jr

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