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How much will the Apple Watch series 3 cost on Black Friday?

Walmart has sold through its inventory of Apple's 38mm and 42mm Series 3 watches with GPS capability, which were sold earlier today for $129 and $149, respectively. As far as what else Walmart does have in stock, you can buy the Series 3 38mm watch with GPS and cellular capabilities for $229.

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Also to know is, will Apple Watch Series 3 price drop?

Apple Watch Series 3 is available for its lowest price ever on Amazon. Apple knocked down the price on the Apple Watch Series 3 to just $199 after the September event, but it's now been cut to just $169.99 for the 38-millimeter GPS version and just $199 for the GPS + Cellular 38-millimeter version.

One may also ask, is Apple Watch 3rd worth it 2019? Apple Watch Series 3 in 2019: Conclusion The Apple Watch Series 5 is legit amazing. But it starts at $399 for Wi-Fi + GPS and $499 for cellular. That's why, at the last Apple Event, when they announced the Series 3 was dropping to $199 for Wi-Fi + GPS and $299 for cellular, I was almost more excited.

In this manner, how much will the Apple Watch Series 3 Be on Black Friday?

Black Friday moves Apple Watch Series 3 to a new low Over the last year as new models have rolled out, Series 3 has settled in at $199 and $229 for the 38 and 42mm models before officially going to that price following September's keynote event.

Is Apple having Black Friday deals?

Apple. Apple will offer Black Friday deals of its own, but as usual they won't be quite as good as other retailers. This event will run from November 29 through December 2 at Apple's retail stores, on, and by phone at 1-800-APPLE.

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