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How tall is a 3 gallon Podocarpus?

This evergreen shrub grows to a height of 15-20 ft. tall and about 10 ft. wide, but can be kept much shorter with pruning.

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Also know, how tall is a 3 gallon clusia?

3 Gallon 1.5-2-Feet Tall-Clusia – Florida Clusia Plants Nursery.

Secondly, how much does Podocarpus cost? We Deliver

Podocarpus Prices and Sizes
Podocarpus Size ?Price each Height
3 Gallon $5 2 Feet
7 Gallon $16 3.5-4 Feet
15 Gallon $45 6 Feet

Also, how tall do Podocarpus grow?

Podocarpus are evergreen shrubs or trees, usually from 1 to 25 metres (3 to 82 ft) tall, known to reach 40 metres (130 ft) at times.

How long does it take to grow a podocarpus hedge?

This plant makes a good hedge or screen, and can grow either indoors or outdoors. You can plant podocarpus from seeds or from cuttings. While hardwood cuttings take root easily, podocarpus seeds can take up to six months to germinate.

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