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Is Solitarity a word?

Solitarity would only makes sense as a necessary back formation if somehow we had no preexisting noun form for the adjective solitary. But the noun form of solitary already exists: solitude.

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Also asked, is Solarity a word?

Solarity Definition Solarity was a term coined to describe the qualities of the organization we wished to build. The word solar is an adjective that can mean determined by, proceeding from, or pertaining to the sun. Solarity is also a homonym of Celerity, which evokes agility, and means swiftness of movement.

Beside above, is Solitary a noun verb or adjective? adjective. alone; without companions; unattended: a solitary passer-by. living alone; avoiding the society of others: a solitary existence. by itself; alone: one solitary house.

Thereof, what type of word is solitary?

If you're a lone wolf, a one-man band, a rugged individualist, or an island unto yourself, you prefer to be solitary — in other words, alone or single. The term can be used to describe a person, a place, or a thing. Solitary comes to us from the Latin solus, which means alone.

What does it mean to be a solitary person?

adjective. The definition of solitary is someone or something that is single, lonely or alone. An example of solitary is a person living in a large house alone.

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