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What angle do you splice baseboards?

Using a miter box or a power miter saw, cut the baseboard at a 45-degree angle. Before nailing it in place, mark the second piece the same way, and test for fitting. Use 1-1/4" or 1-1/2" brads to close the corner. When you encounter the doorway, measure the distance between the door casing and the wall.

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Likewise, what angle do you cut a scarf joint?

Tools for Making Scarf Joints A good scarf joint requires precise 45-degree cuts, and these are very difficult to make without a miter saw or miter box.

Also Know, how do you cut baseboards by hand? Cut the baseboard you need using the box and a handsaw. Hold the baseboard upright against one of the sides of the box -- inside the box -- and align the mark on the baseboard indicating the length you need with the kerf in the box. Keep the saw inside the kerf while you cut the baseboard.

Correspondingly, how do you splice floor molding?

Solution: The key to a clean splice is a “scarf” joint. Cut the first trim board about 1 in. short of a stud with a 30-degree bevel facing the room. Nail it into all the studs, then cut the second board with the same 30-degree bevel but in the opposite direction.

How do you nail baseboards?

Nail Baseboard to Wall Set the scribed baseboard in place. Next, at each stud location, hammer two 8d finish nails through the board, at a slight downward angle, near its top and bottom edges. To avoid marking the wood, use a nail set to drive the heads just below the wood surface.

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