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What are custom metrics?

Custom dimensions & metrics. Include non-standard data in your reports. Custom dimensions and custom metrics are like default dimensions and metrics in your Analytics account, except you create them yourself. You can use them to collect and analyze data that Analytics doesn't automatically track.

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Moreover, how do you make custom metrics?

To create your custom metric: 1.

Find your custom metric in the CloudWatch console:

  1. Open the CloudWatch console.
  2. Choose Metrics.
  3. Choose the All Metrics tab.
  4. Choose Custom.
  5. Choose the dimension Instance.
  6. Select your custom metric by its InstanceId and Metric Name.
  7. View the graph of your metric.

Likewise, what are metrics and dimensions? Metric is a number. It is a Count (a total or a sum), an average, or a Ratio (one number divided by another number). Metrics are measurable. Dimension is an attribute of a visitor to your website – where they came from, their location, how many pages they viewed, etc.

In this way, what are custom dimensions in Google Analytics?

Custom dimensions and metrics are set at the property level in an Analytics account. You must have Edit permission on the property to create or edit custom dimensions & metrics. Creating either a custom dimension or metric is a two step process.

How do I create a custom variable in Google Analytics?

Use a page variable to set custom dimension values

  1. Log in to your Google Analytics account.
  2. Navigate to Admin Property: Custom Definitions.
  3. Click +New Custom Dimension.
  4. Provide your own value for the Name field and set the Scope menu to the desired value.
  5. Click Create.

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