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What are positive effects of imperialism?

POSiTIves of imperialism
Imperialism can give native peoples from different countries many positive opportunities and the change to live a new improved lifestyle. Imperialism can change laws giving people more freedom and rights.

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Keeping this in consideration, what are the benefits of imperialism?

List of the Pros of Imperialism

  • Developing countries gain access to new technologies.
  • Healthcare access is improved through imperialism.
  • Agriculture production is also improved.
  • Defensive networks are created through imperialism.
  • Imperialism exposes people to new ethnicities and cultures.

Also Know, what are the negative effects of imperialism? There were many negative effects of imperialism in Africa. Below are the some of the major ones: Cruel treatment of natives: The Europeans colonized Africa mainly for their own economic advancement and prestige. So, as in many other colonized places, the natives were treated as inferior.

Keeping this in consideration, what are three positive effects of imperialism?

  • Imperialism can be positive for the imperial power. This country can (like Britain with India) get economic benefits from its imperialism.
  • Imperialism can also give the imperial power more prestige in the world. It comes to be seen as a more important country.
  • Imperialism can, ideally, help the colonized country.

What is imperialism and why is it important?

The concept of colonization and imperialism didn't die when colonies turned into independent nations. Imperialism helped them secure these bases, giving the country more power to show the rest of the world they were strong and important. The last of the motives was cultural influence.

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