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What causes gastric inflation?

Positive pressure ventilation via a laryngeal mask airway can cause gastric inflation, particularly if the airway is not positioned correctly and if the inspiratory pressure exceeds 20 cm H2O. Most gas leaking from the airway escapes into the pharynx to exit through the mouth.

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Also, what is gastric inflation?

Gastric inflation occurs when the stomach is filled with air. This condition can result during CPR when proper technique isn't used.

One may also ask, how can the risk of gastric inflation be reduced? To avoid gastric inflation, give each breath slowly over 1 second and deliver just enough air to make the chest rise.

Simply so, how does CPR prevent gastric inflation?

To prevent or minimize gastric inflation, the RT must use a bag-valve-mask in a way that limits mouth pressure while providing oxygen-enriched ventilation to maintain arterial blood gases at near normal levels.

What is gastric insufflation?

The blowing of air into the stomach which can result from over-enthusiastic inflation of the lungs during emergency pulmonary ventilation. From: gastric insufflation in A Dictionary of Dentistry » Subjects: Medicine and health — Dentistry.

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