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What do you use a rain barrel for?

Rain-barrel water uses include irrigating your lawn, gardens or flower bed; rinsing off your windows or driveway; washing your car; or even filling a toilet. You don't need to treat rainwater to irrigate a vegetable garden, but make sure to water the soil and not the plants themselves.

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Also, what are the benefits of a rain barrel?

5 Benefits of Rain Barrels

  • Save Money. Reduce your water bill with a rain barrel's water catch.
  • Reduce Runoff Pollution & Erosion. Runoff from rains pick up soil, oil, pesticides, fertilizers and other contaminates and push them to other areas.
  • Promote Plant & Soil Health.
  • Conserve Water.
  • Wash Cars & Windows.

Secondly, how does a rain barrel work? But basically, rain barrels have an opening on the top or side of the barrel to allow the water to run in from the downspout or the tubing from the gutter diverter. Each time it rains, the rain barrel will be filled with rainwater from the downspout. Then the water will sit in the barrel until it's ready to be used.

Additionally, do I need a rain barrel?

Unfortunately, rain barrels aren't going to be the answer. The problem with the venerable rain barrel, as you might guess, is that there's not much need for it most of the year. The water isn't drinkable (because it's sluiced off the asphalt shingle roof), so it's useful mostly for watering plants.

Can you use a hose with a rain barrel?

Solid materials can clog the drain and hose, and if a pump is used it can damage it or at least clog the system. In order to get the water you've collected out of the barrel, you'll need to attach a spigot. Having the rain barrel elevated will make it easier to fill your watering can or attach a hose.

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