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What does stained water mean?

Stained water is a fact of life that largemouth anglers regularly face. Water becomes discolored in many ways, including spring runoff, algae growth, wave action and even the excessive movement of bottom-rolling carp. Discolored water is also a fact of life for largemouth bass.

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Regarding this, what do you fish in stained water?

The lure color you choose can be critical to your success on the water. When fishing slightly stained lakes or rivers, bright hues — such as red, orange and chartreuse — will work to your advantage. For muddy or overly stained water, relying on dark colors such as black or brown will bring the best results.

Beside above, how do you catch fish in dirty water? Try one of these three presentations for generating strikes while fishing in muddy water:

  1. Bulky/Loud Flipping Baits. High muddy water causes bass to relate closely to cover, much as you might hug a wall or banister while navigating a dark room.
  2. Spinnerbaits.
  3. Vibrating Jig.

Simply so, what is the best color lure to use in murky water?

In clear water, preferred color combinations are a black jig/blue trailer (either a pork chunk baits or plastic crawfish baits), black/brown and pumpkin pepper/green; in stained water, black/yellow and black/chartreuse are perennial producers. In clear water, lighter, more translucent lure colors seem to work best.

Will bass bite in muddy water?

Even though bass are primarily sight feeders they rely heavily on their lateral line to find food. That's especially true when the water's muddy and their visibility is down to inches. Any plastic I throw, or hang on a jig, will be big and bulky, and it'll probably have a lot of arm and legs on it to move water.

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