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What does transmission mean in biology?

In medicine, public health, and biology, transmission is the passing of a pathogen causing communicable disease from an infected host individual or group to a particular individual or group, regardless of whether the other individual was previously infected.

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Regarding this, what is biological transmission?

Biological transmission occurs when the pathogen reproduces within a biological vector that transmits the pathogen from one host to another (Figure 4). Biological insect vectors include mosquitoes, which transmit malaria and other diseases, and lice, which transmit typhus.

Subsequently, question is, what is an example of a transmission? An example of transmission is when something travels over cable wires to get to its destination. An example of the transmission of a virus is when a person spreads a cold virus by sneezing on someone else.

Also to know, what does transmission mean?

Transmission is the act of transferring something from one spot to another, like a radio or TV broadcast, or a disease going from one person to another. Transmission can also be a communication sent out by radio or television, while the transmission of a disease is the passing of that virus or bacteria between people.

What is route of transmission?

Routes of transmission. The transmission of microorganisms can be divided into the following five main routes: direct contact, fomites, aerosol (airborne), oral (ingestion), and vectorborne. Some microorganisms can be transmitted by more than one route.

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