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What happens if you don't wash your clothes?

The excess oil on your dirty clothes gets reabsorbed into your skin and can cause acne. This can happen when "dirty sheets and dirty clothes can transfer dirt and bacteria into the hair follicle, causing it to clog and become infected," according to Dermascope.

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Also know, why is it important to wash your clothes?

Dirty clothes can harbor microorganisms, and can lead to skin infections. Bad body odor can occur wearing clothes with the bacteria and fungi found on them. The only way to prevent the spread of germs found on clothes from normal wear is to wash them, and it is important to wash hands after contact with dirty laundry.

Additionally, do you need to wash your clothes? Underwear and socks should be washed after each wearing. Outer clothes like dress shirts and khakis can be worn a few times before washing unless it is hot out and you are sweating or they are visibly dirty or stained. Jeans can typically be worn 3 times before washing.

One may also ask, is it bad to wear dirty clothes?

“Re-wearing sweaty, dirty clothes can cause dirt and acne-causing bacteria to accumulate in your pores,” says Frank. Definitely not ideal. If you must re-wear something the next day, he suggests leaving it somewhere where it will dry quickly, as opposed to throwing them in a damp hamper.

How often should you wash your clothes?

It turns out some items should be washed more often than once a week, while others can go a lot longer than you might expect (hey, small victories). In fact, when it comes to clothing, you shouldn't gauge when to wash items by time at all, but instead by how many times you've worn 'em.

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