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What happens if you eat a cherimoya seed?

Ruskey, the skin is tannic but not poisonous. The seeds of the Cherimoya do contain alkaloids, similar to a number of other plant seeds, and while you could do a fair amount of processing to collect the alkaloids, accidentally swallowing one seed won't harm you.

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In respect to this, is cherimoya safe to eat?

Cherimoya — also known as custard apple — is a sweet, tropical fruit with a creamy texture. However, cherimoya contains small amounts of toxic compounds — especially in the skin and seeds. To consume cherimoya safely, first peel off the skin and remove the seeds.

Also, what foods can kill you? 10 Deadly Household Foods That Can Actually Kill You

  • 10 Nutmeg.
  • 9 Apricot Seeds.
  • 8 Almonds.
  • 7 Potatoes.
  • 6 Tomato Plants.
  • 5 Hot Dogs.
  • 4 Fugu.
  • 3 Ackee.

Accordingly, how many apple seeds will kill a human?

200 apple seeds

Are seeds of custard apple poisonous?

The seeds are so hard that they may be swallowed whole with no ill effects but the kernels are very toxic. The seeds, leaves and young fruits are insecticidal. The leaf juice kills lice. The bark contains 0.12% anonaine.

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