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What is async await?

An async function can contain an await expression that pauses the execution of the async function and waits for the passed Promise 's resolution, and then resumes the async function's execution and returns the resolved value. Remember, the await keyword is only valid inside async functions.

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Simply so, what does async await do?

async functions use an implicit Promise to return its result. Even if you don't return a promise explicitly async function makes sure that your code is passed through a promise. await blocks the code execution within the async function, of which it( await statement ) is a part. await is always for a single promise.

Similarly, what does async mean? Asynchronous is the opposite of synchronous, which means happening at the same time. Think of “synchronous” as “in synch” and asynchronous as “out of synch.” If we're chatting on the phone, our communication is “synchronous.” We respond to each other immediately and when we hang up, the conversation's over.

In this regard, can I use async await?

The await keyword is only valid inside async functions. If you use it outside of an async function's body, you will get a SyntaxError . While the async function is paused, the calling function continues running (having received the implicit Promise returned by the async function).

What is the use of Async?

Asynchronous programming is a form of parallel programming that allows a unit of work to run separately from the primary application thread. When the work is complete, it notifies the main thread (as well as whether the work was completed or failed).

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