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What is Avamar server?

Dell EMC Avamar is a hardware and software data backup product. Avamar software provides source-based deduplication, reducing data at the server before the data is moved to the backup target. That is different than the Dell EMC Data Domain platform that performs target-based deduplication at the disk backup appliance.

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Besides, what is avamar used for?

Avamar helps to solve these challenges by providing client-side global deduplication, storing backups on disk, centralizing backup administration and replicating backup data between sites. Traditional backup systems that do not use deduplication store multiple copies of the same data on backup media.

Furthermore, what is deduplication in Avamar? Variable-length deduplication is the process used by EMC's Avamar and DataDomain backup devices to condense data by removing common segments of data. Deduplicating these common segments greatly reduces the amount of data needed to be stored on the backup target.

Also question is, what is the difference between Avamar and NetWorker?

Avamar is fast, efficient backup and recovery through a complete software and hardware solution. EMC NetWorker backup and recovery software centralizes, automates, and accelerates data backup and recovery across your IT environment.

How does EMC NetWorker work?

Client backup data can be sent to a remote NetWorker storage node or stored on a locally attached device by the use of a dedicated storage node. Additionally, NetWorker supports Client Direct backups allowing clients to back up directly to shared devices bypassing the storage node processes.

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