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What is Baligang in English?

Lipote (Syzygium curranii) – Also called bahag, baligang or igot. This fruit species is INDIGENOUS to the Philippines. The tree is medium-sized, 9 meters or more high. The fruit is used in the making of preserces, wine, pickle, beverages and jelly.

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Also know, what is Lipote?

A species of Java plum. Lipote is a fruit tree that is indigenous to the Philippines and can be found growing in Bicol region and few in some places in the southern part of Luzon that includes Metro Manila, Batangas, Laguna, Marinduque, and in Eastern Visayas that includes Samar.

Furthermore, what is breadfruit called in the Philippines? Breadfruit (Artocarpus altilis) or popularly known as Kolo or Rimas here in the Philippines, is a species of flowering tree in the mulberry family, Moraceae, that is a native of the Pacific Islands.

Consequently, what is lomboy fruit in English?

Duhat is a local Philippine fruit that's commonly referred to in English as Java plum. The scientific name of the plant is Syzgium cumini. It is also widely known as lomboy, a non-Tagalog word.

What berries grow in the Philippines?

Philippine Wild Raspberries or Sampinit are known widely by locals as sweet-tart tasting red berries from a thorny type of weed that grows in the Mountains of Quezon.

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