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What is Billingsgate famous for?

Now located in the East End's financial capital, Canary Wharf, Billingsgate is one of the capitals' best known fresh produce markets and its oldest wholesale market. Held to be the leading inland fish market in the country, Billingsgate has a long history, dating back to the 1400s, if not further.

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Herein, can the public buy from Billingsgate market?

Yes! Just remember cash is still king at Billingsgate. Also, this is wholesale, bulk buying, so it's by the kilo or box, which can be a lot of fish.

Secondly, how old is Billingsgate Market? 144 c. 1876

Similarly, you may ask, who owns Billingsgate?

The freehold owner of the site is the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, but the City of London Corporation still runs the market; they pay an annual ground rent stipulated in an agreement between the two councils as "the gift of one fish".

What happened to the old Billingsgate market?

The first actual Billingsgate Market building was built on Lower Thames Street in 1850 but it soon became too small and was demolished in 1873. Billingsgate market, which had long been seen as rather anachronistic while it was situated in the City of London, ceased trading in 1982.

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