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What is drift current and diffusion current in semiconductor?

The flow of current in a semiconductor are of two types namely, drift and diffusion current. The current produced due to the movement of charge carriers by external applied voltage is known as drift current. Whereas, the current produced due to the change in concentrations is called diffusion current.

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Similarly, it is asked, what is drift current in a semiconductor?

Drift current is the electric current caused by particles getting pulled by an electric field. The term is most commonly used in the context of electrons and holes in semiconductors, although the same concept also applies to metals, electrolytes, and so on.

Additionally, what is drift and diffusion current in semiconductor? Diffusion Current is a current in a semiconductor caused by the diffusion of charge carriers (holes and/or electrons). The drift current, by contrast, is due to the motion of charge carriers due to the force exerted on them by an electric field.

Additionally, what is difference between drift current and diffusion current?

The difference between drift current and diffusion current is that drift current depends on the electric field applied: if there's no electric field, there's no drift current. Diffusion current occurs even though there isn't an electric field applied to the semiconductor. It does not have E as one of its parameters.

How does current flow in semiconductor?

The current which will flow in an intrinsic semiconductor consists of both electron and hole current. That is, the electrons which have been freed from their lattice positions into the conduction band can move through the material. This current is highly temperature dependent.

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