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What is the 28 hour law?

With the 28-hour law now applying to truck shipments, livestock haulers operating in the US will have to offload and provide food and water as well as at least five hours of rest to hogs and cattle, once they've been on the road for 28 hours. The rule does not apply to poultry.

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Also know, what does the 28 hour law protect?

The 28 Hour Law (See this link for various versions and amendments) is one of the few legal protections for farm animals in the US. Originally passed in 1873, the 28 hour law relates to efforts to protect farm animals from harms associated with long durations in confinement during interstate commerce transportation.

Furthermore, who created the 28 hour law? Vladimir Morozov/akxmedia This federal law set standards for animals being raised for food and transported across state lines.

Subsequently, one may also ask, is the 28 hour law a federal law?

Federal Law Criticism of cattle transportation methods resulted in the introduction of a bill in the U.S. Congress in 1871 to regulate the length of time animals can be transport before rest must be provided. The bill was finally passed on March 3, 1873, and became known as the Twenty-Eight Hour Law.

When was the AWA passed?

August 24, 1966

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