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What is the best LED recessed lighting?

The 10 Best LED Recessed Lights on the Market
LED Recessed Lights Wattage
Hyperikon Recessed LED Downlight 14W
Lithonia Lighting WF6 LED 30K Recessed Ceiling Light 13W
Globe Electric Recessed Lighting Kit Dimmable Downlight 7W
Sunco Lighting Baffle Recessed Retrofit Kit Dimmable LED Light 13W

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Subsequently, one may also ask, what is the best type of recessed lighting?

For high-intensity light, especially in a small area, halogen often works best. For warm, general lighting, most people prefer incandescent lamps. LED light bulbs can combine several of these characteristics.

Secondly, how many can lights for a 12x12 room? The typical rule-of-thumb is 24" from each wall, and then 3-5 feet between cans. So in a 12' room you'd probably want two rows of lights. Considering it is a bedroom and you don't need it as bright as a kitchen, you can probably get away with 2 rows of 4 lights for a total of 8.

Thereof, should I use 4 inch or 6 inch recessed lights?

Size and Layering Size recommendations say to place 4-inch lamps 4 feet apart and 6-inch lamps 6 feet apart. However, these are general guidelines. Smaller task or accent lighting using 2-inch or 3-inch lamps can work in conjunction with well-placed general recessed lighting.

Are LED recessed lights good for kitchen?

Recessed Lighting To avoid reflected glare on shiny countertops, it's best to avoid direct downlights; cross-illumination can help in this case. If you have existing cans, LED retrofit trim kits and/or retrofit LEDs bulbs are a great option; they come in a wide variety and are easy to install.

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