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What is the coldest temperature a Christmas cactus can withstand?

Although the Christmas cactus responds better to lower temperatures in fall when it's beginning to set flower buds, it still cannot tolerate temperatures lower than 50 F. Buds won't form if the temperature is too high or if the plant receives too much light.

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Accordingly, what is the lowest temperature a Christmas cactus can tolerate?

They may tolerate short periods of temperatures below 50 degrees, but they cannot tolerate freezing temperatures. All of the cacti are short-day plants. They require 14 hours of uninterrupted darkness daily to produce blossoms.

Beside above, can a Christmas cactus survive a freeze? Cold hardiness in Christmas cactus is greater than some cacti, but they are tropical. They can't tolerate frost but they need cold temperatures to force blooms. Once the plants are in bloom, avoid sudden temperature fluctuations which can make Christmas cacti lose their flowers.

Additionally, what temperature is too cold for cactus?

Adaptable Cactus Others can tolerate temperatures below zero degrees Fahrenheit. Many cactus species that can tolerate freezing temperatures survive by expelling water at night, so that the water in their flesh does not freeze.

How do I protect my cactus from freezing?

Types of Cold Protection For container plants, take the cactus inside. For landscaping plants, cover the plants with frost blankets, burlap or bed sheets put in place in late afternoon. Arrange the coverings so they don't touch the plant, using a supporting framework if needed.

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