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What is the main touch organ in primates?

Meissner's corpuscles, the principal receptors for touch in hairless skin, are best developed in apes and humans, but they can be found in all primates.

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Regarding this, what are higher primates?

Higher primates: Monkeys, apes, humans Old World monkeys (those originating in Africa and Asia) have narrow nostrils that face downward, a fully opposable thumb, and average-sized or absent tails. Included in this group are the baboons and macaques, which are ground-dwellers.

Subsequently, question is, how many fingers does a monkey have? five fingers

Simply so, which sense is enhanced in primates?

2) Enhanced Touch: Primates have an enhanced sense of touch. This sensitivity is due in part to the presence of dermal ridges on the inside surfaces of the hands and feet.

Do all primates have stereoscopic vision?

Many primates have color vision comparable to our own. All have binocular vision with fields of view that significantly overlap, resulting in true three dimensional (3-D) depth perception or stereoscopic vision.

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