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What is the standard size of a stove top?

Most Common Stove Size
The most common stove width is 30 inches, and most stoves are 36 inches high so they are flush with the standard kitchen counter height. The standard stove depth is 25 inches, but oven door handles often add a few inches.

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Likewise, are electric stoves standard size?

Industry-standard stoves are 30 inches wide for electric units or 36 inches wide for gas versions. Smaller stoves built exclusively for apartments, trailers and boat kitchens range from 12 to 24 inches wide.

Similarly, how much space do you need for a stove? A total of 24 inches of vertical space is required between the stove and a noncombustible surface such as a vent hood.

Furthermore, how tall is the back of a stove?

45 to 46 inches

What size cabinet do you need for a 30 inch cooktop?

Your 30-inch cooktop probably isn't mounted over a 30-inch base cabinet; it's likely installed in a 32- or 36-inch cabinet. Before purchasing your new 36-inch cooktop, measure the inside dimensions of the existing cooktop's cabinet.

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