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What is the water slide game?

Aquapark io is an immense sunny water slide game. Summer is here and everyone wants to race and have fun. What better place to do this than at a waterpark? puts you in literally right in the action on top of your own rubber dingy at the start of an immense water slide.

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Similarly, what is the water slide game on Tiktok? (by Voodoo & cassette) is a game about racing down a waterslide and into a swimming pool as fast as possible…

Similarly, is aquapark IO on Android? for Android devices is a fun title developed by the game studio VOODOO in which we can take part in crazy races sliding down watershoots. VOODOO manages to set an incredible pace when it comes to developing casual games, the majority of which end up topping the charts of free games for Android.

Moreover, what is the water slide game called?

Barclaycard launches 'waterslide' iPhone game. The game, called Waterslide Extreme, will be available as an iPhone application from mid-July. Created by fishlabs and Dare, the game involves steering a character down increasingly difficult waterslides in a recreation of Bartle Bogle Hegarty's TV ad.

Is aquapark IO only for Apple? on the App Store. This app is available only on the App Store for iPhone and iPad.

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