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What is yasumi in Japanese?

Yasumi” (??) Fun! Japan Words vol. 62. “Yasumi” (??) is the word used in Japanese to say “rest” or “vacation”. The Chinese character ? is composed of a human and a tree, so we can imagine that's someone resting under a tree.

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Also question is, what does Arubaito mean?

Arubaito is a Japanese loanword from Arbeiter, and perhaps from Arbeit ("work"). As German (along with English) was used in Japanese universities before World War II, especially for science and medicine, arubaito became common among students to describe part-time work for university students.

Subsequently, question is, what is Oyasumi? Oyasumi (oyasumi): In Japanese, it can be written as ???? . " The word ????(Oyasumi) means "Good Night!" in English." -

Similarly, what is Kaimono?

?? (????) : a noun meaning 'shopping' in Japanese. kaumono – ??? (????) : a noun meaning 'something to buy' in Japanese.

What is asobi?

? when talking about hanging out with friends, playing around on a phone, or just doing anything fun. kotoba asobi , or “word play,” can just mean “words having fun.” For all we know, those words could be going to karaoke, playing video games with their friends, or drinking the night away.

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