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What kind of oil do you use for popcorn?

Canola oil

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Also question is, what kind of oil do you use in a popcorn machine?

The type of oil that you use will affect the taste of the popcorn. The most common type that is used is coconut oil. It's normally regarded as the best tasting, and has long been a staple at movie theaters. However, the health-conscious often prefer canola oil, due to its lower fat and cholesterol content.

Secondly, do you need oil to pop popcorn? Butter or oil isn't necessary to make popcorn kernels pop! From what I can tell, adding butter or oil to your pot on the stove is mainly there for flavor—and maybe to keep the outsides of the kernels from burning. Instead, all you need to make your fresh kernels pop is a nonstick pot with a tight-fitting lid.

Accordingly, can you use vegetable oil for popcorn?

Add 2 tablespoons vegetable oil and 3 popcorn kernels to the saucepan. Cover and heat the oil over medium-high heat. Add a few shakes (around 1/8 teaspoon) popcorn salt to 1/2 cup popcorn kernels. The oil is ready when the 3 kernels in the pan pop.

What is the healthiest way to make popcorn?

The healthiest way to cook popcorn is without added fat or salt. Electric hot air popcorn poppers will make plain, healthy popcorn, but you don't need any special equipment to make air-popped popcorn at home. Add popcorn kernels to the paper bag. For a lunch-sized bag, add about three tablespoons of kernels.

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