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What was Aristotle's contribution to physics?

Contributions in Physics
He embraced Empedocles' view on the make-up of the universe that everything was created from different compositions of the four fundamental elements: earth, water, air, and fire. Similarly, Aristotle believed that any kind of change meant something was in motion.

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In this way, what is the contribution of Aristotle in science?

One of Aristotle's most important contributions was defining and classifying the various branches of knowledge. He sorted them into physics, metaphysics, psychology, rhetoric, poetics, and logic, and thus laid the foundation of most of the sciences of today.

Also, when did Aristotle write physics? A page from an 1837 edition of the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle's Physica, a book addressing a variety of subjects including the philosophy of nature and topics now part of its modern-day namesake: physics.

Also know, what is Aristotle contribution?

Aristotle (384 B.C.E. Aristotle is a towering figure in ancient Greek philosophy, who made important contributions to logic, metaphysics, mathematics, physics, biology, botany, ethics, politics, agriculture, medicine, dance and theater. He was a student of Plato who in turn studied under Socrates.

What is the contribution of Aristotle in force and motion?

Newton, Galileo, and Aristotle's contributions to motion. Aristotle had a theory that linear motion takes place through a resisting medium. Aristotle made two scientific laws during his lifetime about motion which were: 1. Speed is proportional to the weight of something falling (heavy things fall faster) 2.

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