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Who is Mrs Putnam in The Crucible?

Ann Putnam is a 'death-ridden' woman who dwells on the loss of seven children. She loves gossip and is eager to sensationalize ordinary things to achieve whatever end she has in mind. Her character provides examples of the ways in which the Salem Witch Trials were able to reach the frenzied pitch they achieved. Mrs.

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Regarding this, who is Goody Putnam in The Crucible?

Goody Putnam is "a twisted soul . . . a death-ridden woman haunted by bad dreams." All of her children have died and she is looking for a scapegoat. That scapegoat is Rebecca Nurse, who served as midwife at the births of several of Ann Putnam's children, who later died.

what happened to Ann Putnam? Ann's apology reads as follows: Ann was the only one of the afflicted girls to apologize for her role in the Salem Witch Trials. She died 10 years later in 1716, at the age of 37, from unknown causes and was buried with her parents in one of the Putnam family cemeteries in Salem Village.

Regarding this, what did Mrs Putnam do in the crucible?

Ann Putnam Wife of Thomas Putnam. She believes that a witch is responsible for the deaths of her seven infant children. Her jealousy of Rebecca Nurse leads her to accuse Goody Nurse of being a witch. Thomas Putnam A greedy landowner in Salem.

Who does Thomas Putnam accuse?

Thomas Putnam is a greedy man who urges Reverend Parris to be strong and face up to the witchcraft in their midst. He uses his daughter to accuse people whose property he covets. Miller, and most historians, believed that many of the accusations of witchcraft were based on these sorts of greedy, selfish desires.

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