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Why does junior try out for the basketball team quizlet?

Why does Junior try out for the basketball team? Junior tries out after talking with his father, who tells him that "you have to dream big to get big."

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Thereof, what happens at try outs Why does Junior get in?

Junior tries out because his father told him that you have to dream big to get big. What happens at the try-outs is that Junior has to do a one-on-one game against Roger. Junior runs one hundred laps and does every drill without complaining and he makes a sweet jump shot.

Furthermore, what does Junior decide he has to do and why? Junior wants to go to Reardan, it has one of the best small schools in the state. There is no bus to take Junior to Reardan and his parents can't afford to move near Reardan (22 miles away from Spokane) because they don't have the money for it.

Also, how does Junior explain his improvement in basketball?

Expert Answers info Junior explains his improvement is thanks to "The power of expectations." He says, "they expected more of me, I expected more of myself, and it just grew and grew until I was scoring twelve points a game." At Reardon, Junior's coach made him a starter on the varsity basketball team as a freshman.

Who does junior see when he arrives at school and what does Junior come to realize?

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Who does Junior see when he arrives at school and what does Junior come to realize Blah
How does the interaction with Penelope make Junior feel Explain the analogy Junior makes about a king and queen.

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