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Why is sandbanks so expensive?

Adrian Dunford, of Sandbanks estate agents Tailor Made, said: 'We now believe this part of Sandbanks is the most expensive stretch of coastline on the planet in terms of price-per-square foot. You can't increase the number of properties and so supply and demand dictate the prices.

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Consequently, is sandbanks most expensive place to live?

SANDBANKS PENINSULA Since then it's become one of the most expensive and exclusive places to live in the world.

why is sandbanks so popular? Sandbanks in Dorset is known for attracting the rich and famous, thanks to its secluded location and harbour views. Now Panorama Road's total price-per-square-foot has exceeded that of waterside streets in Miami and Monte Carlo, according to a local estate agent.

Then, is sandbanks a nice place to live?

It is a beautiful part of the world to be, the beaches between Poole and Bournemouth are lovely, similarly studland, swanage way. Poole harbour itself is spectacular, and a good base for sailing. Several of the sandbanks homes have a helipad.

Who lives in Sandbanks?

Harry Redknapp

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