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Why was Elie placed in the hospital?

After weeks of slaving in the brutal cold, Elie's right foot begins to swell, and he is soon unable to put it on the ground. He goes to have it examined, and the doctor, a Jewish prisoner himself, declares that he must have an operation. Elie is put into the hospital, which is actually an almost pleasant place.

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Consequently, why did Elie go to the infirmary?

Why dooes Elie have to go to the infirmary. He says that "he alone kept his promises, all his promises, to the Jewish people." Why does Elie's neighbour in the infirmary have "more faith in Hitler than in anyone else?" They were liberated by the Russians two days after the evacuation.

Furthermore, what happened to the patients who stayed in the hospital instead of? They were liberated by the Russians two days after the others left. What was the weather like during the evacuation? it snowed the entire time, even as they were forced to run a whole day at a time.

Keeping this in view, how long was Elie supposed to remain hospitalized?

two weeks

What happened to Eliezer's foot?

In January, Eliezer's foot begins to swell. It's so swollen, he goes to the doctor—a Jewish doctor and a prisoner—who tells Eliezer that he needs an operation or his foot will have to be amputated. But Eliezer can't feel his leg and he's afraid it's been amputated—which would mean selection.

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